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My goal in my workshops or one-on-one coaching is for you to have the three C's when you stand in front of an audience large or small, or are in front of a computer:  Confidence, Clarity, and Connection.  I want you to be speaking to eager engaged listeners who are anxious to hear what you have to say

Everyone struggles with anxiety, pressure of being perfect, freezing, rambling and so on..  Through my work as an actress, I have developed and honed skills that are all about connecting.  There are tools and techniques that I teach in my workshops and in one-on-on coaching sessions that tackle these hicccups. 

Do you want to bring your company to the next level?

How do you strengthen relationships within the company and build relationships outside the company?

In the business world today mastering dynamic communication skills is essential. Find out how the AEC workshop can help your company forge successful relationships and create sustainable business.


Our Approach

Our approach is based on our experience in the theater-experience that we apply to the business world.  We focus on what it takes to create, sustain and grow relationships. Each company has its own individual communication challenges. 

 We identify those challenges and tailor our workshop to your company's particular needs. Using our own blend of improvisational skills, exercises and role playing, we solve them.  

 Our goal is for your company to be a well-oiled machine.Cohesively working together will boost productivity both internally and externally, creating lasting relationships and long term growth. 

 I used to cringe when certain people walked into my office because I knew they need communication help. After taking the AEC workshop, I saw amazing improvement in basic communication skills, one-on-one’s are now successful and so much more effective. Thank you Pam and Annie! 

 - Cassie Cole. CEO and President of Fabdog 

Annie Meisels

 Actress, voice over artist, public speaking coach. Annie has acted in film, TV and theater. You've heard her voice and seen her face on countless commercials. Through her experience and expertise she teaches those in the corporate world how to communicate with more ease, spontaneity and clarity. 

Pam Berlin​

 Director, Communications coach. Pam has directed on and off Broadway and in film and tv. As a director it is her job to make sure the story is told, that it is clear and powerful and that the audience is engaged. She takes these skills and applies them to working within the world of corporate communications. 

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